"Grain by grain, a loaf … Stone by stone, a castle…"

CASA INDIAN has led to creation of various landmark projects. The leaders and skilled professionals of the company have worked towards launching out of the league projects and take the real estate sector to the next level. CASA INDIAN has a major presence in Patna. The company is also an advisor to projects in different verticals of real estate like residential, townships, commercial, retail, office spaces and hospitality.

We are a team of developers, engineers, artists, professional problem solvers, economists and takeout critics, working around the clock to make this the best Housing portal in the universe. We thrive on innovation and love creating beautiful things.

The Founder

Ajit Singh

Ajit Singh, with over 19 years of experience, Ajit has worked in multi faceted profiles with global MNCs in their strategic business development before leading the CASA INDIA prominent venture into the real estate industry. Under his able leadership the company has excelled in every dimension and reached unparalleled heights. He has the capability to cater the demand of the people that’s why they have full repose in him for the guarantee of their investment. With this trust, soon in upcoming years he will be widely recognized across the world for his path-breaking and visionary contributions to the building of modern India through his pioneering role as a real estate developer and corporate leader.

Our passion is to develop and position CASA INDIA as a lifestyle brand, a community with a soul of its own. Through a merger of tangible and intangible values of Reality, Quality and Humanity, we aim to delight our customers with an endless quest for excellence, continuous strategic planning following our core values.